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Mercedes Fan Controller v3



Mercedes Fan Controller v2 Obsolete


HydroHorse (r) underwater treadmill control panel.

PCI-104 Power Supply (Men PP01 Compatible)
5V and 3.3V supply (12-24V in ) for use with the Men Mikro PP01 Embedded Computer - PC-104 Form factor. Forward and Reverse voltage protection exceeds 55 Volts. Full automotive temperature range of -40˚ to +150˚C ensures stable operation in any environment.

HC12 Development Board
This product is a redesign of a Motorola HC12 microcontroller Development Board. New features include access to two serial ports, two CAN ports, SDI and BDM ISP and debugging ports.

Colibri Development Board
This product holds a PXA320 processor board, and allows access to the serial, USB, and CAN ports.


Signal Conditioning Board
This product was designed for a client who need several input signals conditioned before going into their ECU. The board also includes status LEDs, and two SSRs.


Power Supply
A 5v, 100mA power supply




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