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Micro Autonomations LLC Terms and Conditions

Credit cards:
We utilize the secure website Freshbooks to process your order and personal information via Authorize.net. We also use Paypal shopping carts on the website. All data is encrypted before it is sent over the internet and is completely secure. 

Delivery Standards
Custom design projects: In some cases a non-refundable deposit will be asked for before development begins. Deposit payment is made through Freshbooks. Complete payment is due upon delivery of the product, also through Freshbooks. Delivery timeframes and methods will vary by the project, and will be specified in the original quote.

Ready made products:
Payment is due before delivery. Product(s) will be mailed within a week using either USPS or UPS.

Return/Refund Policy
Custom design projects: Initial deposit is non-refundable. Once goods are delivered, funds are also non-refundable.

Ready made products:
If you're not satisfied, return the product within 6 months for a full refund.

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