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PCI-104 Power Supply for Men Mikro PP01

            The power supply has the following specifications:

  1. 12v or 24v Supply (US or European Vehicle Voltage levels)
  2. 3.3v output @ 900mA
  3. 5v output @ 100mA
  4. Follows the PC/104+ specification for board size and interface header
  5. Reverse voltage protected

            This design is centered around the L497x family of switching voltage regulators from ST Microelectronics.  This family of regulators has several features that are advantageous in this application:

  1. Wide 8v to 55v input range
  2. -40˚ to +150˚C temp range
  3. Integrated thermal shutdown
  4. High efficiency
  5. RoHS available (E-L497x)
  6. Limited external components to fail
  7. Output current from 1A (L4976), 1.5A (L4971), and 2.0A (L4978)
  8. Identical pinouts between different versions
  9. 8 pin DIP package, or 16 pin SOW

The use of this regulator provides a platform that is well suited to a trucking environment.  The addition of a diode to the circuit provides reverse voltage protection up to 90v.

            All components used in this design have been chosen for their RoHS compliance.  In the case of the voltage regulator (L497x), a RoHS alternative is available, albeit potentially difficult to acquire.  If needed however, this part may be sourced and used in the production product, as it is a drop in replacement for the non-RoHS compliant part.  

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