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HC12 Development Board, with Serial & CAN interfaces

This product is a redesign of the M68EVB912DG128A Freescale Development Board.  The new board will add several features missing on the development board, as well as remove any extra hardware and jumpers that are not needed.

The board will have the following specifications:

  • 12/24v input voltage
  • Aluminum enclosure for RFI/EMI protection
  • Single connector to the enclosure
  • Locking connectors
  • All Serial/CAN ports will have shrouded DB9 headers
  • Access to two RS-232 Serial ports
  • Access to two CAN ports
  • Access to both the SDI and BDM programming ports
  • Adhere to the specifications found in “49-00085 Environmental Specification for Electrical/Electronic Modules”

Programming Adapter Board

This board attatches to the DB9 header containing the SDI and BDM programming ports on the above HC12 Development Board. This board allows the user access to the SDI and BDM ports so that no modifying of existing cables is needed.


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