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Mercedes Fan Controller v2 - Obsolete

This module provides the necessary signals to turn on C-Class electric fans from Mercedes.  Simply tying the Trigger line to a constant +12v will damage the controller box for the fan in short order. These electric fans move an incredible amount of air; enough to cool the biggest of engines!

The controller has the ability to either read a temperature sensor to control the fan, or, the sensor input may be grounded by a switch, relay, or other temperature sensor.  As a safety feature, if the controller does not detect a temperature sensor, or if the sensor wire gets grounded, it will turn the fan on.  Settings are further explained in the manual.

We now have the controller working with variable speed. It uses a feedback system to vary the fan speed to maintain the target temperature set by a knob on the controller.

Fan Controller Manual v2.1

We currently offer two different enclosures for the Fan Controller. The first is a larger box that is completely sealed. This enclosure measures 4.7"x2.6"x1.6".

The second enclosure is a smaller, not truly sealed, but closes well enough to guard from the occasional water splash. This enclosure measures 3.3"x2.2"x0.8".

The controller works with two different temperature sensors:
3/8" NPT: GM sensor TX3 or TX3T. Available from Rockauto or local auto places. Pigtail is Pico # 5615PT.

1/8" NPT: Autometer # 2258. Available from Summit Racing or local auto places. Eventually I'll offer both for sale through my site.

When you order, please add a note about which sensor you plan on using, and I'll set the switches on the controller to match.

v2 has been discontinued. v3 is now available.


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