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Hydrohorse (r) Control Panel

For more information on Horse Treadmills, check out their site here.

Hydrohorse approached us in 2006 about designing and building them a custom control system for their treadmill units. They had been using controls that gave the user no feedback as to how fast their horse was moving, nor how far they had traveled. After a year of development and testing, the control panel has been installed in 13 treadmill units, with more coming.

In addition to adding time, distance traveled, and current speed, the control panel we designed added the ability to control the pumps and blower motors. This allowed them to use fewer parts in their system, increasing the overall reliability of the system. Their large control panel was greatly reduced in size.

To aid with warranty work, we internally log the how long the treadmill and each pump are run, as well as information about filter changes.

The system we designed consists of the control panel, which displays time, distance, and speed, and communicates with another board containing high amperage relays to turn on and off power to the pumps and treadmill.

We also designed a smaller unit that would allow their existing clients to add time, distance, and speed read outs to their already installed treadmills. We also support another of their products, the HyrdoCiser, which has two less pumps.

We are currently developing a much larger display (2'x3'), allowing clients to view information about the current session from across the room.

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